What's in my Clutch Bag?

Don't you just hate carrying a large, everyday bag on a night out? I personally do, so when I went out last week to celebrate my Cosmopolitan Blog Award nomination, I turned to my extensive collection of clutches and eventually opted for this Mulberry one. It is very important to pair down to the essentials when using a clutch, especially if it is as small as this one, so I thought I would share with you my tips  on how to pack the perfect clutch bag : 

Card Holder - Carrying a full-size wallet is probably not the best way to maximise your space. Instead, why not opt for a card holder? It is a lot smaller and still holds all your essentials in one place. I usually keep my Oyster card, my debit card and some cab money in mine. 

Phone - This is pretty self explanatory. Whether it is to call a cab or find your friends in the club, chances are, you will need your phone. 

Passport or any form of ID - You will need it to get in or order any drinks. If like me, you are not from the U.K., I'd highly recommend you take your passport with you. Believe me, I have been turned down from clubs and bars before because my French ID was not considered a "valid form of identification". Better be safe than sorry!

Camera - How else are you expecting to document the night? Believe me, everyone will love looking at the pictures the next day.

Makeup - A girl has to bring a few products to touch up throughout the night, right? That being said, I only ever carry the strict minimum, that is whatever lip products I am wearing that night, some pressed powder and a perfume sample to refresh myself. If I am going for a full-on smokey eye look, I also carry any pencil eyeliner I used on my waterline.

What do you usually carry in your clutch bag? 

- Elodie x

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  1. the clutch I need! I carry my phone,body shop colour glide (pink ginger is my favourite shade) french connection connect her, although sometimes its to large for my bag haha and a swarovski encrusted mirror :)



  2. I usually carry exactly the same kind of things as you - lipstick, sample sized perfume, keys, phone, camera, small purse with cards and notes in etc. I love this Mulberry clutch, it's gorgeous!

    Gem x

  3. Love the Mulberry clutch, using a card holder is a good idea too.

  4. Ooh I have the Canon Ixus 115 !

    I usually keep the lipstick I'm wearing, keys, phone, purse and tissues! And sometimes an mp3!

  5. You and your Mulberry obsession..! :D

  6. Never mind the contents, I'm in lust with your clutch!

    Becky | life.style.flash. x

  7. MAC lipstick, I love them!
    In a clutch I carry mobile, keys, tissues, lipstick, camera, oyster and cash, card, business cards and... that's it!


  8. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  9. J'aime beaucoup la couleur de rouge a levre! Super!
    Angela Donava

  10. i love the compilation of this photo beautiful girl! I need more mac lipsticks, you've got good essentials here <3 x

  11. Love this! I think i need a swanky mint passport cover. x

  12. Great post and nice bag!

  13. i love these types of posts


  14. Good essentials!


  15. wow nice things! love the clutch!

  16. Your phone cover is so adorable!

  17. good tips, im so bad at taking only few things, as i used to take big bags with me! this was a good guide to follow(:


  18. love everything in your clutch!! gosh even the oyster card looks perfect! aha xx

  19. Nice lipstick!

  20. Ooh nice Mulbs Elodie! I usually pile whatever crap from my handbag to my clutch bag, which totally defeats the point! x

  21. cute purse....I try to travel light too on the weekends but It never really works bc I always pack my SLR.