London Fashion Week Diary S/S13 : Day 1

7.00 am - Early start to the day! I wake up and make myself a much needed cup of coffee - today is going to be a long day, I can already tell. So many shows are clashing today, so I also take a few minutes to decide which one I will be going to.

7.25 am - Time to get ready! After staring at my wardrobe for what seems like hours, I end up with a stereotypically French outfit. Oh, the irony!

7.50 am - I get a message from Aisling asking what I am wearing, so I proceed to tell her I am dressed as a boring French person. Her reply? "I hope your definition of a boring French person includes a beret!" Not quite, but it did make me laugh. 

8.15 am - I jump on a tube, packed with commuters heading to the office. 

8.55 am - Here I am, in Somerset house. I meet Sherin and we start queueing for Antoni and Alison.

9.00 am - I love the bespoke print this season. Jonathan Saunders really did a great job on that one!

9.30 am - First show of the season and it's already running late. Hey, what did you expect?

9.40 am - I hear some rumours about the hair and make up the Bora Aksu girls will be sporting later today. Apparently, the hairstyle is so elaborate, the stylists needed the BFC backstage space for half of the day, meaning that the models walking the Corrie Nielsen show will have to get ready somewhere else. Needless to say, I can't wait to watch the show!

9.50 am - We take our seats in the British Fashion Council tent. The lights go off and it's time for some serious LFW action!

9.57 am - One after the other, the models strut their thing, wearing a variety of printed shift dresses. Antoni and Alison both decided to work with paint this year, creating some very interesting prints.

10.05 am - The band is closing the show before our eyes. Yes, that's right, the band is marching the catwalk. I love it!

10.15 am - Now the show is over, I decide to head over to the BFC lounge and pick up my pass.

10.33 am - I am already hitting a slump and need some more caffeine. Starbucks, here I come!

11.25 am - I make my way to Covent Garden where I meet Michelle in the queue for the Zoe Jordan show.

12.14 am - The Zoe Jordan show is running late. It has obviously been oversubscribed, but we still manage to squeeze into the venue. Woohoo!

12.30 am - Chilling on the front are Jameela Jamil, Kelly Brook, VV Brown, Zara Martin and Poppy Delevigne.

12.35 am - The show was just utter perfection. The colour palette was spot on and I can already predict I will wear a lot of pink and orange next summer.

12.40 am - We head back to busy Somerset House so that Michelle can pick up her pass. We're in the queue when I hear a girl calling my name. Turns out, she is in charge of 1Granary, Central Saint Martins' student magazine and website, which I will be part of as of next month.

1.00 pm - I get introduced to Zoe, one of my soon-to-be classmates at Central Saint Martins. Despite both going to Exeter University, it is the first time we have ever met. What a small world!

1.20 pm - Michelle, Zoe and I decide to get some food from the little cafe in Somerset House. The cheese and ham sandwich is absolutely delicious!

1.45 pm - We meet AislingHannahCamille, Rebecca, Zoe and Lily and head off to the Corrie Nielsen show.

2.14 pm - The lights go off and the botanical soundtrack gives us an idea of what to expect for this Spring / Summer collection. It's all about

2.30 pm - I come out, still in awe of the muted collection of tulle, chiffon, silk, leather and metallic details.

2.33 pm - Straight out of Corrie Nielsen and it's already time for us to head to the next show, Bora Aksu. It's usually one of my favourite shows and I am really looking forward to seeing the collection! And after hearing all these rumours this morning, I cannot wait to see the hair and makeup either.

3.10 pm - Time to roll out the catwalk!

3.22 pm - The show was amazing! The models are all wearing a crown over their hair, which has been fishbraided and made to look like a crown itself. This really isn't surprising considering the collection was inspired by the Queen herself. As for the clothes, it was all about beautiful draping, blues and purples. I love it!

3.40 pm - We hang around Somerset House and take outfit pictures for a little while, but soon decide to head off to the Glam Suite to relax and get pampered by the Rimmel girls. It can really get hectic around the BFC tent and this suite is just the perfect getaway.

4.10 pm - We have been looking for the hotel for over half an hour, only to realise it is actually a 3 minute walk from Somerset House. Hashtag fail you said?

4.15 pm - We are welcomed with a glass of bubbly by the lovely Glam Media team. It is great to finally put faces on the names after working with them for a few months now.

5.30 pm - Hannah has another show to go to and Aisling has to get back to work, but Michelle and I decide to just chill. It's already been a long day after all.

6.14 pm -
The people at Glam have ordered Domino's pizzas for us all. They certainly know how to treat their people!

6.30 pm -  Hannah and Aisling join us in the Glam suite for a quick chat, but it's not long until we're off to dinner.

6.50 pm - We arrive at  Lucky Chip's Slider Bar, a pop-up restaurant based in the trendy Player Bar.

7.05 pm - I am really not hungry after having had a couple of slices of pizza earlier, so Michelle and I decide to share a slider plate, which comes with two mini burgers. Perfect to satisfy our curiosity, without making us feel so full we can't walk home.

8.30 pm - It's time to say goodbye. It's been a long, but amazing day and I can't wait to snuggle into bed with a good book, or the latest issue of Vogue Magazine. See you tomorrow!

Stay tuned if you want to know what I got up to on day 2 and 3 of LFW!

- Elodie x

PS - You may have been wondering why I was a bit M.I.A. lately. Well, I have just moved into my new flat and had no internet for two weeks. Despite what some people may say, the Blogger app really wouldn't cut it!
  1. Busy but fun day, I hope!

  2. I was at Corrie Nielsen and Zoe Jordan too, loved them!


  3. Lovely stlye of Post Elodie. I did enjoy your French outfit that day, please include a beret nect time! It looks like I'm telling Michelle a really funny story in that picture of us...

  4. Looks like great fun Elle, the clothes are stunning! Loved reading this x

  5. the dresses are beautiful ! x

  6. Such a great photo diary! Sounds like you have a wonderful time :)


  7. Oh wow I really love how you set out this post!
    I'm very jealous of those crowns...
    Sarah x

  8. Bora was my total favourite of Day One! :) "Boring French person" is still better than "English person" dressing haha.

    Lela - - Editor and Stylist

  9. Next year I am so going to London fashion week!!!!!!! JEALOUS!



  10. I loved reading this.The clothes are so beautiful.I love the crowns too.