London Fashion Week Diary A/W13 : Day 1

8.10 am - Early start to the day! After hitting the snooze button a couple of time, I eventually make my way to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea and catch up on my emails. 

8.20 am - Time to get ready to hit those cobbles! Today I am going for a bang on trend monochrome look, with my favourite pair of leather shorts from River Island, a simple black tank top, a black and white oversized blazer and my Zara studded ankle boots. Of course, I don't forget to add a chunky gold chain necklace and my signature arm parties. I even decide to stack on a few rings, because those fingers like to party too! A sleek of my new favourite neon pink lipstick, MAC Pink Pigeon, and I am out the door! 

9.00 am - Off to Somerset House I go!

9.42 am - I finally get there. This time, the British Fashion Council has teamed up with Manolo Blahnik for the LFW imagery. I like it! 

9.45 am - I make my way to the BFC tent for my first show of the day : Zoe Jordan.

9.57 am - I take my seat and it is not long before Millie comes and join me. I haven't seen her in what feels like ages so it's great to have a moment to catch up.

10.08 am - Lights out, music on... Let the show begin! 

10.24 am - Zoe Jordan's minimalistic A/W13 designs were the perfect transition between New York and London. Bright pops of pink and orange were paired with grey checks and butter-soft leather separates, making it one of the sleekest and most wearable collections of London Fashion Week, something which has become Jordan's trademark in the past few years.

10.40 am - I meet Hannah outside and we start queueing for Bora Aksu. Oh, the joy of standing! 

11.00 am - And we're in! 

11.15 am - The flapper girl is back! Or so says Bora Aksu. As usual, I am obsessed with the headpieces.

11.30 am - I finally have some spare time, so I head over to the registration desk to get my exhibition pass, while Hannah is off to Fyodor Golan. I bumb into my coursemate, Zoe and after comparing our schedules, we realise we are both heading to the same shows so it makes sense for us to stay together.

12.00 am - After I get my pass, we decide to go and chill in the press lounge, enjoy a Vitamin Water and book ourselves MAC appointments... As you do during LFW.

12.20 am - It's time to go to the Portico Rooms for the Jena Theo presentation. 

12.40 am - 90s sport luxe done in bright fuschia, mustard gold, burnt orange, florals, soft white and metallic black? Yes, please!

12.50 am - Guess who I bump into? The lovely Shirley, whom I hadn't seen in ages!  

12.55 am - I realise I forgot to print off my KTZ ticket, but I decide to try my luck and show it on my iPhone. Unfortunately this is not good enough and I end up in the Canon theatre, with a bag of Propercorn. Lunch time, LFW style! 

1.25 pm - Overall, I was really not a fan of this collection, which was a tad too eclectic for my taste. Yes, I know it's KTZ, but still! 

1.50 pm - After a quick catch up with Shirley, it's time to go back to the BFC tent for Felder Felder. 

1.55 pm - Inside, I meet Lily, Zoe and Emma, who are also waiting to be seated. Not that it takes the PRs very long and we are soon all lead to our respective blocks. 

2.00 pm - Inside the venue, paparazzi are going crazy for the star-studded front row. Pandemonia, VV Brown, Kate Nash, Marina Diamandis, they are all here to support the Felder sisters. 

2.05 pm - Mollie King arrives in a flash of light - quite literally. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any space left for her on the front row, but after a few minutes, the poor PRs eventually manage to squeeze her in. Disaster avoided! Phew!

2.15 pm - Show time! 

2.30 pm - WOW! The A/W13 collection was absolutely amazing! The Felder Felder woman is as feminine as ever, in rich velvet, gold latex leggings, burnt orange latex dresses and heavy burgundy knits. Some call it commercial, I call it a hit!

2.40 pm - I get spotted by the lovely team at Stella & Dot and they catch me talking about the new collection on camera. As if I needed any more excuse to talk about jewellery!

3.10 pm - Zoe and I meet Lisa, another one of our coursemates and fellow 1Granary contributor, to talk about tonight's Central Saint Martins M.A. Fashion catwalk show. For those of you who don't know, I am in my first year of the M.A., on the Journalism pathway. This year, we all had to follow one of the designers from our course on their journey to London Fashion Week - assuming the one you chose  even made it into the show. We are all meant to be helping out but the head of the M.A., Louise Wilson, has yet to confirm anything. Eek!

4.00 pm - We are still in there when we get the news. Only four of us will be needed tonight and they will need to make their way backstage at 4.45. Lisa and I both have tickets for PPQ at 5, and since Lisa's girl isn't showing tonight and I got there last, we may not get to see the show after all. I'm devastated, but worse comes to worst, I still have my ticket to the Sass & Bide show I guess...

4.30 pm - Turns out, the guys at 1 Granary have managed to get tickets and want us to cover the show. Now, this is what I call luck! 

4.40 pm - I know from past experience PPQ tends to be ridiculously oversubscribed so Lisa and I decide to start queueing early. Fingers crossed!

5.45 pm - The show is running fashionably late, but after almost an hour of queuing, we get told by the bouncer the venue is now full and no one else will be allowed in. A bit disappointed, I decide to head back home to drop a few things, including my camera which had ran out of battery earlier. (Hence the poor quality of the following images. Oops!)

7.20 pm - I meet the rest of the 1Granary team at Somerset House to pick up my ticket. In all the LFW craze, it's good to be able to joke around and just talk about uni work, etc.

7.45 pm - Lisa and I take our seats in the BFC tent and what a surprise, we are actually sitting next to Emma, who has just come back from doing some coverage for L'Oréal backstage. 

8.00 pm - The front row is one of the most impressive ones I have ever seen. Almost every influential fashion editors have made it ; Tim Blanks, Hilary Alexander, Laura Craik. Even alumnus Christopher Kane has made it. Rumour has it Rihanna and Donatella Versace are also meant to arrive shortly. How exciting!!!

8.10 pm - So, neither Donatella or Rihanna have made it, but you know what they say, the show must go on!

8.13 pm - Eilish Macintosh opens the show with her first collection. Yes that's right, not only did she designed two different collections, she managed to get both in the show! Now, this is what I call talent.

8.27 pm - Elena Crehan's collection comes out and to my surprise, it is modeled by men! I really wasn't expecting this when I first saw her pieces.

8. 35 pm - It is Hampus Berggren's turn to take over the catwalk and even before I have time to read my show notes, I know exactly whose collection it is. It looks even better on the models than it did on the bodies, back in the M.A. studio. 

8.40 pm - I hold my breath. Sadie Williams, the designer I have been following is next. Her sparkly dresses catch the light like nothing else and I cannot help but feeling proud watching Sadie's creations here on the catwalk. 

8.45 pm - As the last sparkly number comes out, the woman next to me says "This one's a star!" and I couldn't agree more! 

9.00 pm - The show is now over. Everyone did such a fantastic job! Don't forget to check out everyone's work here

9.05 pm - It's time to announce the winner of the L'Oréal Award and I think no one is really surprised to hear Christopher Kane call out Eilish's name. Congratulations! 

9.20 pm - Lisa and I are trying to decide what to do about the after-party when we spot Christopher Kane coming out of the BFC tent. We jump on the chance to ask him a few questions about the show. Surprisingly enough Kane is more than happy to give us a bit of his time and even makes a few jokes about the course and the after party.

9.45 pm - Lisa decides to head home and as much as I would like to party with my fellow students, it is also Sophie's birthday party tonight so off to Covent Garden to meet her I go!

10.00 pm - I join everyone in the pub and after a few drinks, we are off to the club!

2.40 am - We are having so much fun! So much in fact, I almost forget the time but it's been very long day and at almost 3 am, I decide to call it a night. A girl needs her beauty sleep after all! See you all tomorrow! 

Did you go to London Fashion Week? If so, what have you been up to? 

- Elodie x
  1. sounds like a hectic yet amazing day!
    lucky u!!

  2. What a fabulous day!

  3. It seems to be so much fun!

    It will mean a lot if you have time to check my blog and maybe follow us if you like it ?

    Hope to see you soon on it!


    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  4. awesome collection )
    great style!

    Angela Donava

  5. just became your newest follower, congrats on the IFB feature. so jealous you got to attend fashion week, wish my day was filled with felder and felder, 90s sport luxe, stella and dot, etc. cant wait to read more. would love love to have you as a follower xo

  6. Love this post! I really need to get my act together for the next LFW. x

  7. you're lucky to have been there, i love these pictures :)



  9. I've never been to LFW but I really want to! This is such a great post, loved it! Gorgeous photos hun! ((: