London Fashion Week Diary A/W13 : Day 2

7.00 am - Up (not so) bright and early. Ugh, why did I stay up so late, last night?

7.35 am - After staring blankly at my wardrobe for a good 10 minutes, I reach for my black Oasis waxed jeans, a sheer white shirt and a neon yellow jacket from Zara. And because by now, we all know that I cannot leave the house without piling on the jewellery, I add a silver statement necklace and a variety of Stella & Dot, H&M and Forever 21 bracelets to my outfit.

8.00 am - I finally make it to the tube station. I cannot believe I'm actually going to be on time to meet my housemate at Somerset House before the Daks show. I'm feeling ridiculously proud of myself and even - ashamed to say - a little smug.

8.08 am - Just as I hit Hammersmith, I get a text from her saying that she's slept through her alarm. She has our tickets with her, so as a last minute change of plan, I decide to head to Holborn to wait for Michelle in the comfort of Starbucks.

8.40 am - I'll have a grande soy latte, pleeeease!

9.15 am - Michelle drags me out of my coffee heaven and we're off to Somerset House. Today is her first day at LFW, so she needs to pick up her pass.

10.10 am - I have to meet my tutor at 10.30 am, by the Bloomsbury Ballroom, in Holborn. He managed to get our entire promotion tickets for the Clements Ribeiro show, as well as some backstage time with the two designers. "Exciting" doesn't even begin to cover it.

10.45 am - Killing time before the show with my classmate, Zoe. She gets street-styled, we discuss our assignments. I'm thinking I seriously could do with another cup of coffee.

11.05 am - We are let into the venue and before we can say "I heart fashion!" the show is starting already.

11.25 am - Well... This was not a collection for the faint-hearted. Florals, brocade, tartan, stripes, quilted trompe-l’oeil and leopard print - if your style is understated, then you'll probably hate it. I obviously loved it.

11.35 am - Michelle heads back to Somerset House, whilst I make my way backstage to try and get some good quotes from Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro for my review.

12.10 am - Confident I managed to get what I needed from my time backstage, I rush to meet  Michelle at Somerset House.

12.30 am - They're waiting for me outside the B.F.C. Show Space tent, having just come out of the Jasper Conran show. They tell me all about it and I'm a bit sad I couldn't attend, it sounds so amazing.

12.40 am - We go and get our Aesthetic Magazine passes. In case you've been living under a rock and are not aware of the fact already, Aesthetic now has its own website, of which I am Accessories and Shopping Editor. Fancy!

1.10 pm - We all agree, it's time for some lunch. We're starving, but we're in such a rush, Prêt-à-Manger sushi will have to do. Not that I'm complaining. I'm obsessed with sushi, even the not-so-gourmet Prêt kind.

1.30 pm - Back at Somerset House once again. We're chatting to Lily in the courtyard when we spot Gem and the rest of the Company team. After a quick catch up, Gem asks if she can snap a picture of us for their LFW street style feature. I put my best "Of course, I did not only get 3 hours of sleep last night" face on and hope for the best.

1.50 pm - Time to head to the exhibition.

2.00 pm - At the Topshop NEWGEN space. This season, Topshop has brought back old-fashioned 20p machines. The idea is to grab as many tokens as you can and collect badges from your favourite NEWGEN designers. Fun or what?! I get myself a J.W. Anderson badge, before checking out the clothes and accessories.

2.30 pm - We move on to the Portico Rooms, where I fall in love with the Victoria Beckham Denim. Sadly, I doubt my denim budget will stretch that far...

2. 50 pm - Zoë Jordan's A/W13 collection is even more beautiful up close than it was on the catwalk. Don't you just love the colour palette? I take notes for when the time comes to update my A/W wardrobe.

3.00 pm - Wow, Veja has its own room! Veja was the brand of shoes to have, back in my school days. All the cool kids owned at least one pair. The fact that they also do leather goods is complete news to me, but their tote bags and matching pouches are seriously cute. I'll have one in every colour... s'il vous plait?

3.30 pm - We decide to make our way to the Elms Lester Gallery for the Orla Kiely presentation and jump on a bus, when Michelle suddenly realises her phone is gone. She's just been pick-pocketed on the street! A bummer, to say the least...

3.45 pm - Kiely's elaborate sets never fail to impress me and this season is no exception. Adorable working girls are seen typing away in a retro office, wearing the cutest 1960s-inspired outfits. It looks like an art installation and I love it!

4.20 pm - We bump into Sherin and Millie, who is looking amazing in a Topshop printed monochrome suit. Michelle has to go to the Fashion Scout venue, but Millie and I need to head back to Somerset House, so we say our goodbyes and catch a bus together.

4.45 pm - Millie's feet are in dire need of some plasters, so we quickly nip into Boots. I grab a bottle of Diet Coke. I have no excuse, beside the fact that I am addicted to the stuff. I'll stop after Fashion Week... Maybe (probably not).

4.50 pm - Millie heads off to the Savoy for the Moschino Cheap & Chic show, as I go back to Somerset House for my pre-booked MAC makeover. I am slightly early for my appointment, so I decide to just sit down, read The Daily and relax for a bit.

5.30 pm - It's finally my turn to get pampered! I ask for a soft smokey eye, which is a look I wear a lot, so I'm hoping I'll get a few tips and tricks from the make-up artist.

6.10 pm - Inspecting my face in the mirror. This smokey eye looks, ahem... interesting.

6.18 pm - I meet up with Michelle in Covent Garden. They all do their best not to laugh at my RuPaul makeover, but their reaction confirms what I already knew and I rush to the nearest Boots to buy some make-up wipes.

6.20 pm - Yes, peeps, I am THAT girl who takes her make-up off in the middle of the street - deal with it. I'm not fussed about going without war paint, but after last night's antics, a bit of concealer wouldn't go amiss. Sadly, I don't have any on me and no way am I going back to Boots a third time.

6.30 pm - Our stomachs are rumbling and we cannot think of a better way to end the day than a little visit to Pizza Express. I mean, can you? Thought not.

7.10 pm - As our orders are placed in front of us, Michelle sighs "I can't even Instagram my pizza!". We all crack up. Forget about losing all your texts, contact numbers, pictures... That definitely is the worst aspect of having your iphone stolen from you! #bloggersproblems.

8.30 pm - We're all exhausted and decide to call it a night. I can't help but yawn. There is a Lush bath and a copy of Vogue waiting for me at home - along with a very, VERY appealing bed...

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- Elodie x
  1. Ahhhh, so jealous! This is fantastic.

  2. That sounds like such a cool day - even though you seem to have been busy every minute of it, haha. :-)

  3. Elodie I absolutely adore these posts from you. I'm fangirling in my lunch break!

  4. So jealous! Amazing insight into fashion week. I have a serious girl crush on you and your life!!

  5. Awww I'm so jealous sounds so incredible! I'd love to go to LFW

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  6. ooh sounds like you had loads of fun!! x

  7. The clothes are so pretty!
    You have a beautiful name by the way.

    Olivia xx

  8. Wow, such lovely outfits and thanks for the pictures, they were great.

  9. awesome pics!
    so stylish )
    great work )
    Angela Donava

  10. wow really great pictires!
    xx Kate

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  11. Cool pictures! I guess it must be very exciting to be part of this circus <3

  12. wonderful, just wonderful!

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  14. how exciting is this! I would be attending fashion week in sydney during april as well - super excited!
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  15. Ooh I love these pictures, looks so much fun :)

  16. love this!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
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  17. Hello. Just found your blog and was scrolling through your Fashion Week coverage. I love all the photos--did you take them? They're great. I especially like the one of the girls in the office. It's like a scene out of Mad Men with even better clothes!

    1. Hi Sabina! Thanks for the kind words. I did indeed take all the photos myself! I'm no professional, but I do enjoy playing around with my camera. x

  18. Love this journal kind of post!

    I am now following you on Bloglovin . Hope you check out my blog as well! :)

    xx, Athena!