London Fashion Week S/S14 Diary - Day 1

8.00 am - Up bright and early! Or should I say awake bright and early... Getting out of bed is a bit of a struggle today. "Bonjour!" goes my flatmate as I finally drag myself out of my room. She's getting ready for work, but I decide to chill in front of the TV with a cup of tea for a bit. What can I say, I am not a morning person. In true blogger style, we nip out to take pictures of her Outfit of the Day before she leaves - Hey, what did you expect from two fashion bloggers living together?   

9.39 am - I get a text from Michelle, who has just arrived at Somerset House and has missed her first show. Nooooo! That's Friday the 13th for you - or maybe just London transports. Let's not get overdramatic.

10.54 am - Time to get ready. After much deliberation, I decide on this outfit. A touch of BB cream, a flick of eyeliner and a slick of red lipstick later, I am out of the door. Somerset House... Here I come! Obviously not excited at all.

11.07 am - I am walking to the tube station in the pouring rain and, of course, my umbrella decides to give in to the elements and break. Isn't it typical?! It's obviously the universe's way of telling me to get myself the lovely Lulu Guinness umbrella I've been coveting for ages.

11.30 am - I reach Somerset House, where I meet with Michelle and Sarah. My first reaction is to notice how different the courtyard and the BFW showspace look, this season. Everything seems bigger and more organised, with new photography centers and dedicated areas to queue in. The British Fashion Council has teamed up with British luxury shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood and his sharp graphic lines and signature chevron pattern are everywhere, much to my liking.

11.34 am - We head to the registration desk to collect our press passes and I notice that the S/S14 tote bags are also designed by Kirkwood, instead of Mulberry. Interesting...

11.38 am - The atmosphere at Somerset House is very different from the previous seasons. Street style photographers are going amiss and people don't seem to prance around like they usually do - no 'peacocking' happening, this time. Whether the rain or Suzy Menkes is to thank for that, we'll never know, but I sort of love it.

11.40 am - Sarah, Michelle and I decide to escape the rain and head to the Glam Media suite for a much-needed caffein fix. Emma is already there and since I haven't seen any of my blogger friends since I came back from France, earlier this month, we take a few minutes to catch up over coffee - the perfect way to kick start a day of sheer madness! Not that we're complaining - we're lucky and we know it.

12.20 am - We make our way to the Waldorf Hilton hotel, just down the road, for the Kilian Kerner presentation.

12.27 am - The venue is absolutely gorgeous and the layout very unusual and interactive. Guests are invited to wander through the room, where models and mannequins are presenting, completely still (pretty normal for a mannequin, I concede), the German designer's luxurious red carpet creations.

12.35 am - The collection itself is elegant and - let's use a really sharp fashion term here! - beautiful. Drawing on the 1930s-style boxy shapes and ball gowns, the collection has a classic feel, while remaining fresh thanks to the modern addition of bejeweled ear-cuffs, cropped lengths and biker jackets. If I love the slightly more casual, geometric-printed pieces, the signature tulle dresses with gold appliqué definitely steal my heart.

1.00 pm - Our growling stomachs remind us that it's lunchtime and we head to Byron burger for a bite to eat. Probably not the most LFW-diet appropriate place, but we are rather partial to a portion of courgette fries... Seriously, try them. They're addictive.

2.04 pm - Having been rained on for a few hours now, I officially look like a wet dog. Thankfully, the lovely people at Trevor Sorbie offered to get me LFW-ready today, so I head off to Covent Garden for some pampering and pipping hot tea - Frankly, I'm not sure which one I need most.

2.14 pm - After talking to my stylist, Tom, we decide to go for a boho, wavy look. Girly - to go with my frilly skirt -, but not too over the top. To achieve the look, Tom twists small sections of hair, before curling them in the opposite direction using a clampless iron. The result is a carefree, cool wavy style à la Rachel Zoe and I love it! If you would like to get pampered and get 25% off at their Covent Garden salon, all you need to do is quote "Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden" when booking and voilà! Just make sure to book before October 1st.

3. 46 pm - We snap a few pictures of our outfits (we're so vain, we probably think this blog post is about us) and Michelle hops into a cab to go to the Eudon Choi show, whilst Sarah and I make our way to the Glam Suite. Turns out, Eudon Choi is majorly over-subscribed and it's not long before Michelle is back with us at One Aldwych. Eudon Choi's loss is our gain!

4.15 pm - It is a truth universally acknowledged that bloggers do love a good photo booth - We're no exception...

4.22 pm - We're normal, I promise. Most of the time anyway.

5.00 pm - It is still pouring down with rain and the courtyard looks like a deserted battlefield. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but compared to previous seasons, Somerset House is awfully quiet. After watching the Jean-Pierre Braganza show live on the giant screen outside the venue, we decide to hang around Somerset House to take in the atmosphere and spy on the amazing street style. Despite the rain, some people are pulling all the stops, like this girl rocking a bright cobalt blue neoprene skirt and emerald green leather jacket. And bare legs. Brrrr.

6.14 pm - Today has been oddly chilled out, as opposed to last season, which was absolutely hectic. Since Michelle and I don't have anything planned until 7 pm, we head back to the Glam suite to enjoy a drink and a neck massage. It's a hard knock life... I know.

6.43 pm - Rested and ready to head to the Freemasons' Hall for the Ping He show!

6.45 pm - Outside, the rain is still going strong. "Shall we cab it?" Michelle asks. Great minds think alike. This is soon to become the phrase of the weekend.

6.59 pm - Queuing only for a few minutes, we take our seats and wait for the Ping He show to begin.

7.04 pm - And the lights go down... Show time!

7.23 pm - Despite showcasing in London for the first time, Chinese designer Ping He sure knows how to wow a crowd. Pale-faced models march the catwalk wearing a virtually monochrome - yet ultra feminine - collection, featuring soft leather, python-prints, peplums, lazer-cut hems and dropped waists. Almost every single look has me gasping with excitement. And glossy black lips for spring? Now, that is one daring statement.

7.28 pm - Michelle and I debate on whether or not to go to the Ping He after-party. We decide to be sensible for once (Michelle has a train to catch and I have to finish unpacking) and go home instead. Chances are, we will regret it later, but for now, all I want to do is to go home, kick off my shoes and catch up with my housemate over a cup of tea... Bring on day 2!

Did you go to London Fashion Week? 

- Elodie x
  1. Elodie your rundowns are by far my favourite thing about fashion week!

  2. The Killian Kerner collection is so beautiful, love your round up of day 1!

  3. Love your diaries - sounds like a fun day, shame about the rain! x

  4. brilliant post! loved having an insight into the famous LFW! Black lips for spring is certainly daring.. I wonder if it will trickle through to the masses! x

  5. Wow great pics!
    Must say I'M a little jealous

    love your blog
    xoxo Julia

  6. Oh man I would love to go to LFW. Looks way better than NYFW in my opinion!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  7. I love seeing my favourite bloggers hang out together! You and Michelle are too cute!!!

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