London Fashion Week S/S14 Diary - Day 2

9.30 am - Time to rise and shine! My flatmate is already up and cooking breakfast in the kitchen. She asks me if I want any, but I'm not really a breakfast person (I know, it's bad!), so I just grab a glass of water and sit with her, whilst we plan our day, compare our invites and come to the conclusion that we need more photo booth snaps for our fridge.

10.22 am - I am running a bit late - but then, what's new, eh? Thankfully, I have a vague idea of what I want my outfit to look like today, as I simply have to wear my latest find from Kate Spade. No, your eyes are not deceiving you and you are not hallucinating either. After MONTHS of searching everywhere for the infamous 'Pardon My French' T-shirt, I finally found it at the Westfield store, randomly hanging on a rack. Two seasons later. In my size. If that's not fate, I don't know what is. Look at me, I'm so thrilled, I'm laughing out loud!

10.54 am - It is a truth universally acknowledged that everytime you are in a hurry, your eyeliner goes on particularly wonky. Cue a mini melt-down.

11.23 am - I'm finally ready to hit Somerset House. And because I can tell that the question is burning your lips, no, I didn't manage to fix my eyeliner. Sometimes, you just have to let it go, you know? After all, there are worse things in life that going through the day with one eye droopier than the other... For example, checking the time and realising that you're more than likely to miss your first show of the day. Come on, Central Line, don't let us down!

11.58 am - We are so, SO late! The Holly Fulton show is meant to start in two minutes and we've only just made it to Somerset House. Thankfully, the show is fashionably late (geddit?!) and the doors aren't even opened yet. Phew! It might be our lucky day after all. We can't seem to find Michelle and Sarah anywhere, but we do stumble across Camilla in the queue. I haven't seen her in so long, it's a good opportunity to catch up. On a side note, how can someone so cool be only 17? Life is so unfair.

12.00 am - Remember what I said yesterday, about Somerset House being virtually empty? Well, the sun must have brought out all the peacocks and fashionistas, because the courtyard is now more crowded than Oxford Street on Christmas Eve. Cra-zy! 

12.08 am - The doors open and, for a moment, the new-and-improved show space leaves us slightly confused. Not only is it twice the size, the layout is also completely different, with the catwalk extending around an extra block of seats, instead of being in the usual straight line.

12.12 am - The first model walks out, wearing an incredible printed chambray number.

12.27 am - What an amazing show! Inspired by the 70s and with obvious nods to Laura Ashley's quintessential English prints, the collection is a celebration of hot summer days, glittering nights and hazy mornings lounging in the sun. Combining daytime suits, printed shirts and pleated separates in sugary lilacs, powdery pinks, faded neons and warm greys, the collection is the epitome of glamour and cool.

12.43 am - We decide to make the most of the sunshine and spend some time in the courtyard, people and outfit watching. Fact: nothing makes you feel as underdressed as London Fashion Week.

1.14 pm - As fun as it is to wonder at people's fashion choices (Love those rose gold heels!), Michelle, Sarah and I need our caffein fix, so naturally, we head to the Glam suite, where the coffee is on tap and the milk is always warm. Doesn't it sound quaint?

1.32 pm - It is time to head off to the next show, namely the Orla Kiely presentation - one of the many things I always look forward to during London Fashion Week. The sets are always so cute and judging from the latest pictures posted on Instagram, this season's will be no exception. 

1.35 pm - "Shall we cab it?" Bien sûr!

1.54 pm - We get to the Elms Lester gallery and start queuing whilst looking at snippets of the collection on Twitter.

2.10 pm - The presentation is delightful - as per usual with Orla Kiely. This season, the Irish designer takes us on a safari, albeit a very stylish and preppy one. Models gather on a desert-inspired set, wearing 60s-inspired frocks - sheer button-up shirts, knee-high socks and berets. And at the risk of reaching cuteness overload, Kiely's prints for S/S14 feature zebras and giraffes - OMG, I'm melting!

2. 32 pm - We realise that we are all absolutely starving and decide to get some lunch. And because it's the weekend, we even have dessert. What can I say... YOLO! I'm being ironic, by the way.

3.52 pm -  We head back to Somerset House for some obligatory outfit pictures. Ah, bloggers... We're so vain, we probably think this post is ab--- Hold on, haven't I already cracked that lame joke yesterday? Sorry about that.

4.20 pm - The Ashish show isn't until 5 pm, but as people are already starting to line up, we decide to take our place in the queue, where we bump into Kristabel and Kavita. In true blogger style, we instagram our shoes, arm parties and other outfit details - anything to pass the time, really. While we are waiting, Chloe Noggard comes out for a cigarette, her vibrant green hair stripped with hair chalk. I can barely contain my excitement! I wish I wasn't so uncool.

4.55 pm -  We make our way to our block and the lights are dimmed as the show starts. The music is amazing and we can't help but bop along to Madonna's Into The Groove and Amerie's 1 Thing.

5.17 pm - The show was absolutely brilliant! As you probably know, I like my bling and anyone who makes it acceptable to wear sequined dresses and statement jewellery to the corner shop is a fashion genius in my books. Even the most mundane pieces were bedazzled, including slippers and carrier bags. Who else is going to be gluing sequins and rhinestones to their M&S plastic bags tonight?!

5.26 pm - After (not) much deliberation, we officially name the Ashish SS14 soundtrack the best of the season. 

5.48 pm - Ashish was our last show of the day, but somehow, we're not quite ready to say goodbye just yet, so we decide to all go for afternoon tea at Bill's, on High Holborn. My pronunciation of High Holborn has everyone in hysterics... Too many Hs for little French me, clearly. #foreignersproblems

5.54 pm - As we're about to leave Somerset House, I spot Suzie Bubbles and she's wearing Sadie Williams! You may remember her from this blog post. She was on my course, last year, and I was lucky enough to follow her in the run-up to her LFW debut. She has since graced the pages of Vogue, Dazed & Confused and The Hunger, and been named one of Selfridges's British Young Things. Remember, peeps, you first read about her on Elle Yeah!

6.02 pm - We've just missed afternoon tea, but we won't admit defeat and decide to have dessert instead. YOLO (still ironic)! I order my all-time favourite, the warm pecan pie... If you haven't tried it, just stop reading this blog and go get one at once. You'll thank me later.

7.37 pm - Today was a lot of fun, but I'm sort of equally excited at the idea of going home and chilling in front of the X Factor with a can of Diet Coke... Because I'm cool like that. We kiss Michelle and Sarah goodbye, before hopping on the tube. With only a few shows left, here and there on Sunday and Tuesday, this is pretty much the end of my London Fashion Week S/S14 adventure. As usual, I had a blast and I cannot wait to do it all again in February!

Did you go to LFW, this season? Or or did you hit London Fashion Weekend? 

- Elodie x
  1. I love these blog posts Elodie, I feel as though I was actually there with you!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. Well, you will eventually be with me next season, who knows? ; ) x

  2. I love your blog so much!
    Love that you share stories like these. :)

    1. Oh, thank you! I am glad you like my diaries! x

  3. BONJOUR! 'Shall we cab it?!' best phrase ever

  4. Excellent t-shirt :) Hannah x

  5. amazing pictures :)

    xx Vivi

  6. This makes me wish I could go to fashion week!

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