Halls Into Home

Keeping up with this little 'back to uni' series of mine, today I would like to share my university halls essentials - or dorm room essentials for any American readers out there. Of course, this is all wishful thinking since I have now graduated and won't be moving back into halls anytime soon, but we all know how much I love home decor and (online) window shopping...

Fun decorations, quirky stationary and the obligatory shot glasses - here are some of my all-time must-haves to turn your halls into your second home:
Pinwheels : Oliver Bonas | Shot glasses : Mikasa at Bed, Bath & Beyond | Towel : H&M Home | Push pins : Kate Spade | Post-it notes : Jonathan Adler | 'Don't Grow Up' print : Indigo | Mason jar : Amazon | Pineapple jar : Joy The Store | Wooden spoons : Sisters Guild | Acrylic drawers : Muji | Candle : Yankee Candle | Cushion : notonthehighstreet.com | Mug : Sainsbury's | Bowl : Tesco

I still have some old photos of my first room in halls, somewhere on my computer. Of course, my taste has changed and refined in four years, but would you still like to see a little throwback room tour anyway?  Just let me know in the comment section!

- Elodie x
  1. oh the university times, I miss those!! the acrylic drawers are a must have!!


  2. Yes I would love to see where you used to live! Pretty things make any space so much better!

  3. Please do post a room tour of your old uni room! I'm staying in halls this year and am so scared it'll never feel warm and cosy. xo

  4. i love everything hear.