Spring Lusting : The Footnotes

It might have snowed in London last week, but I have sandals on my mind. Flats, lace-ups, gladiators, wedges - I want them all! And since the weather is currently well into the 20s here, on the French Riviera, it's only a matter of time before I need to add a few more pairs to my collections, starting with these ASOS ones. What do you think?

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Please, tell me I'm not the only one and you've been thinking about sandals too - or anything summery for that matter... 

- Elodie x


Skincare Overhaul

So, I turned 25 last year. And while celebrating the actual birthday was pretty fun, I was left wondering if maybe, I should start looking into anti-ageing skincare. Or in fact, just start looking into a proper skincare routine, especially if I want to be serious about that whole wellbeing thing. After all, magazines and beauty blogs alike keep reminding me that my skin is, in fact, ageing now. And just like that, all the champagne I had that night doesn't seem like such a good idea anymore...

The idea that I now have to actually care for my skin is, well, new to me - I'm such a poor excuse for a beauty blogger, really... It's just that I have always been quite lucky and never had to worry about it too much before. Breakouts are rare and my pores are somewhat tight. I even spent most of my early 20s relying on makeup wipes to take the day off and I still use the same Clinique moisturiser I used ten years ago. Add in some Cetaphile and whichever eye cream I can find in my stash that day and there you have it : my skincare routine in a nutshell. Not ideal, right?

So, the first thing I did was make sure to always take my makeup off and cleanse. Funnily enough, I used to come back from a night out and hand in wipes to all my housemates when I was at university, because God forbid one of us would go to sleep with our makeup on. And it's true that I have never gone to bed with a full-face of makeup on. Ever. But I also now know that wipes don't actually do much when it come to taking the day off and cleansing your skin. After doing some research - and by that I really just mean reading my favourite blogs and browsing the shops -, I ended up giving the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser a go and I couldn't be happier! My skin feels cleaner than ever, but never tight, which is a miracle considering how dry and dehydrated my skin can be. I do still use my trusted Cetaphile cleanser in the morning, but that is only because it is a little bit quicker and easier to use than the Liz Earle one.

I have also decided to stick to using the same eye creams every day - namely Philosophy's "Full of Promise" during the day and the Origins Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment at night. It's too early to say if it really does make a difference, but we'll see what happens. Throw in The Body Shop's Vitamin E Hydrating Toner, a weekly face mask and a bi-weekly scrub and I do have something that looks like an actual skincare routine. See, I'm  starting to get the hang of this! I do still need a good night cream and a serum though. If you have any suggestions, please fire away! 

What's your skincare routine? Have you changed it up or added in anything new lately? 

- Elodie x