Life Lately

Life Lately
Long time, no see! Believe me when I say that I genuinely intended to blog more this year, but days of bloggers' block turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and well, here we are. So instead of jumping straight back in and act like no time has passed, I really ought to fill you in on what's going on in my life these days first, don't you think?

First things first... I'm going to Korea! I was having what you might call a quarter-life crisis one night, when I decided that I wanted to do more with my life and enjoy the freedom I have while I have it. It's so easy getting caught up in what you don't have, so instead why not make the most of what you do have? In my case, fully flexible hours and the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. Next thing I knew, I was booking a 10-week long trip to Korea. I can't wait to explore a new country, experience the culture, meet new people and of course, raid all the skincare road shops. #Priorities, right?

I'm leaving in September, so if you have any tips or recommendations, please send them my way! Thank you - or shall I say 감사합니다? 

Can you spot something different about me? That's right, I had my hair cut! I had been thinking about getting a long bob for months (if not years,) but I finally took the plunge at the end of February. Of course, it's now grown back a fair bit, but I can't wait to get it trimmed again as soon as my hairdresser can fit me in. Call me cliché but I genuinely feel like a new woman with my shorter 'do and can't picture myself going back to long hair anytime soon. It's just so easy to style, to take care of and do I even need to mention how much money I'm saving on conditionner right now? Ha! Look out for a new hair post in the near future!

I'm also now officially back home on the French Riviera for the next few months - although I am hitching to fit in a quick trip back to London for festival season... But in the meantime, my girls Hannah, Michelle, Sarah and Sophie are all set to visit me down here in a few weeks. YAY! I can't wait to show them around and introduce them to my favourite beaches, restaurants and bars in the area. I'm also really looking forward to exploring Marseilles a little bit more with them and play tourist. I might even put together a little Marseilles city guide while I'm at it... If I do, you will be the first ones to know!

Talking about holiday plans, I'm also off to the Amalfi Coast at the end of May to celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. My family and I are going on a mini road trip down to Positano where we'll be staying for a week or so, before heading to Rome for a few days. We're also stopping by my dad's hometown on the way back since it's only a few miles away from the capital. I guess now would be a good time to brush up on my Italian. I somehow don't think "Uno Gucci bag, grazie?" is going to cut it. Ha!

I also recently gave my social media a good spring clean, starting with my YouTube channel. I've been toying with the idea of giving it another go and wanted to start with a clean slate. I'm not sure whether or not I will actually do it yet, but if there's anything you'd like to see on there, please, do let me know. I already have a few video ideas lined-up but I would love to hear about what you guys enjoy watching if you have a minute. 

Just in case you were wondering, all the pictures above were taken from my Instagram account, so feel free to follow me on there if you like the look of those and want more little life updates from me. You can find me at @ElleYeah

Talk to you real soon, I swear this time! 

- Elodie x

Winter Skin Saviours

Winter Skin Saviours

Taking care of your skin can be particularly tricky in the winter, especially when you have dry, sensitive skin like I do. The cold air tends to dry it out even more, causing irritation, which in turn can lead to breakouts or just dull, dehydrated skin. Thankfully, I managed to find the right balance and skincare to help me get through the winter time as smoothly as possible. And because sharing is caring, I thought I'd let you in on my new-found skincare favourites and why I love them so much :