Halls Into Home

Keeping up with this little 'back to uni' series of mine, today I would like to share my university halls essentials - or dorm room essentials for any American readers out there. Of course, this is all wishful thinking since I have now graduated and won't be moving back into halls anytime soon, but we all know how much I love home decor and (online) window shopping...

Fun decorations, quirky stationary and the obligatory shot glasses - here are some of my all-time must-haves to turn your halls into your second home:
Pinwheels : Oliver Bonas | Shot glasses : Mikasa at Bed, Bath & Beyond | Towel : H&M Home | Push pins : Kate Spade | Post-it notes : Jonathan Adler | 'Don't Grow Up' print : Indigo | Mason jar : Amazon | Pineapple jar : Joy The Store | Wooden spoons : Sisters Guild | Acrylic drawers : Muji | Candle : Yankee Candle | Cushion : notonthehighstreet.com | Mug : Sainsbury's | Bowl : Tesco

I still have some old photos of my first room in halls, somewhere on my computer. Of course, my taste has changed and refined in four years, but would you still like to see a little throwback room tour anyway?  Just let me know in the comment section!

- Elodie x


What's In My Uni Bag + Favourite Study Apps

iPad Mini : Argos  | DVF document holder | Customised monogrammed notepad | Jonathan Adler 'A Peek into my Week' pad | Kate Spade paper clips | Muji 0.5 pens | Sharpie highlighter

My student years might officially be over, but since so many of you are going back to university this month, I thought I'd share what was usually lying around my own uni bag - give or take a few Starbucks receipts -, as well as my favourite study apps I used. If there is one thing I learned first in France and Exeter and later, at Central Saint Martins, it is how to make the most of my iPad Mini, which when used with the right apps, can save you a tremendous amount of time. Or procrastinate, but better keep this quiet when you try to convince your parents this is a uni must-have in the middle of Argos.

So without further ado, here are some of my personal favourite study apps, which have saved me more than once during my five years at university : 

If your university uses Blackboard, then this is an app you must download on your iPad! Just like the online version, the Blackboard app lets you check your contact hours, your grades and any feedback your tutors have given you on previous assignments. It is everything you need in one place, so if you were to only download one app, make it this one. 

Dictionary.com - Dictionary & Thesaurus
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Believe me, you may have an extensive vocabulary now, but you'll be thanking me for this app and its thesaurus when it's 4 am, your essay is due in the morning and you seem to have run out of words to get your point across. 

As a fashion journalism student, this recorder was one of the most-used applications on both my iPhone AND my iPad but any student can benefit from it. Just turn in on, press the red button and record any lecture or seminar. You can then transfer them onto your computer and even sort them by module or term, directly on your iPad.

QuickOffice Pro
This may be an obvious one, but every student needs a good way to create and open Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. 

Evernote is an easy way to sync your notes on all your devices - computer, phone, iPad... you name it -, making it extremely useful to any student. You can also share those same notes and images with your Facebook friends, making it the ultimate app to use for group projects.

It's the day before your essay is due and you haven't even opened the book you are supposed to write  those 2,500 words on. Don't fret, CliffsNotes is here to help! Just don't use it too often, ok? 

iAnnotate PDF
This PDF reader allows you to highlight key sentences, as well as annotate any important passages, making it a must-have if your tutor likes to post his lecture notes online afterwards.

Referencing is the bane of many students, me included. Thankfully, RefME makes it oh so easy for you to manage bibliographies and quotations, before importing them into your essay. Just choose which referencing system you need and scan the book's barcode and you're done! 

And because university isn't all about essays and lectures, but also about having fun, make sure to download UniDays for extra student discounts and offers in shops, bars and restaurants. 

Most universities have their very own apps these days, so don't forget to check if yours does!

Are you going back to school / college / uni this year? If so, what are your study essentials?

- Elodie x