Slip Into The Autumn Shade(s)

Now Autumn's officially here, I have found myself letting go of my most colourful pieces and lusting over deep shades of burgundy, new, exciting textures and well... black. Because as a certain Mr West once wisely tweeted, "black is the new black." That, or I have just spent way too much time rewatching American Horror Story : Coven, in all its monochromatic glory. Either way, there is no going back now - I want it all! 

What has been on your shopping list, this season? I'd love to know! 

- Elodie x


My Sunglasses Collection

My phone, too many bracelets and sunnies - these are a few of the things I rarely ever leave the house without. 

Just like handbags, sunglasses are one of my weaknesses in the sense that I buy way too many, but  somehow justify it because I wear them every day - or whenever the London weather will let me. This summer only, I have already added four pairs to my collection.  FOUR! The latest pair being the infamous Ray-Ban aviators in the orange mirrored shade, which were kindly gifted to me by the lovely people at Sunglasses-Shop. You already knew how much I loved my green ones, but these have barely left my nose ever since they have landed on my doorstep. 

So, how long do you reckon before this video is obsolete? I'm ashamed to say I already have my eyes on these Miu-Miu sunnies... Oops! 

You might have also noticed that I am trying to spend more time and effort on my YouTube channel lately and it would mean the world to me if you could check it out and maybe even subscribe if you like what you're seeing on it. Also, that'd make my little dance party for one a little bit less sad knowing I didn't just do it for myself, don't you think? ; ) 

What's your favourite pair of sunnies at the moment? I think mine definitely have to be my orange mirrored aviators

- Elodie x