Summer Living (Room)

Summer Living (Room)
Maybe I've been watching too much Mr Kate lately - seriously, this is one addictive YouTube channel -, but I've been thinking about decorating my own space for the warmer months. 

First on my wish list? A place of my own would be a great place to start, but of course, I'm also lusting after one of those amazing sofas. Ideally, I'd want two - a statement couch, like this blue velvet number for instance and a more simple, brown leather sofa to ground the room a bit more. Add a few classic margarita glasses filled to the brim, some gold accents, a ton of greenery and voilĂ , you have my dream living space! 

Cushions : H&M, Target | Bowls : Anthropologie | Light fixture : Leroy Merlin | Frame : Oliver Bonas | Plant : Ikea | Bookends : Target | Margarita glasses : World Market | Coasters : Jonathan Adler | Side table : Target | Pouf : Lulu & Georgia | Rug : nuLoom | Candle : Dytique 'Figuier' | Trinket dish : West Elm | Sofa : Fishpools | Palm leaf cushions : Lulu & Georgia | Coffee Table : West Elm

Of course, I'm a millennial so I'd be grateful to ever find a studio without blue carpet in zone 2 or 3 within my price range, but hey, one day, am I right?

How would you decorate your dream living room? 

- Elodie x

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#FestivalFever : A Festival Bucket List

#FestivalFever : A Festival Bucket List

With summer well on its way, there is so much to look forward to - Bastille day (I'm looking at you fellow Frenchies,) longer days and of course, festival season! Or as I like to call it, the second most wonderful time of the year. Because really, when are you going to unleash your inner flower child, drink more cider than is socially acceptable and dance like no one's watching if you don't do it at a festival? Never. 

So today I thought it might be fun to share with you the top 5 festivals on my bucket list. Can someone call a doctor? I think I have #FestivalFever.



The mother of all UK festivals, Glastonbury is a bit of a legend. If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that I went a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I had the best time stomping in the rain, dancing to my favourite artists, watching Kanye pull a Kanye and of course, sharing all of it with some of my closest friends. For that reason alone, I would absolutely love to go back at some point. Same people, same location, different acts.

PROS : The line-up is always on point. 
CONS : Getting tickets can be a real hassle and they don't come cheap either. For more info, I highly recommend you give See Tickets a call on this number. They are the official ticket provider for the event and should be able to help with any questions you might have.
 They are the official ticket provider for the event and should be able to answer all your questions much better than I would.



Most of us probably associate festivals with wellies, disposable ponchos and mud baths but Coachella is a whole different story. The festival takes place in the middle of the desert so the chances of it raining are 0 to none. The grounds are also incredibly beautiful and decked out in palm trees and fairy lights for the occasion. Chances are, you'll even be able to find your favourite beauty brand on site - quite the step up from your standard baby wipe shower and dry shampoo fix if you ask me. And do I even need to mention all the amazing acts headlining every year? Did I hear anyone say #goalz?

PROS : It takes place in the middle of the desert, duh!
CONS : It takes place in the middle of the freaking desert. Ha!



If I do love a longer, camping festival, there is something quite special about day festivals. First of all, it's a lot easier to fit in your schedule and if you live in London, it also means you have a lot of different ones to choose from. My favourite ones are definitely British Summertime at Hyde Park and Lovebox. I like to think of myself as something of a BST veteran, but I'm ashamed to say I have never been to Lovebox. The lineup is always so good, I don't know why I haven't checked it out... yet.

PROS : If you live in London, you get to go home to your own bed and shower afterwards.
CONS : If you're a fan of indie music and go to festivals to discover new bands, this will probably be way too mainstream for you. The crowd also tend to be a little bit young. 



It doesn't get much better than listening to live music on the beach - believe me, I would know. I spent every summer growing up religiously going to Les Voix du Gaou and doing just that. Sure, Primavera is quite the step-up from the small(ish) music festival in my hometown, but the idea's the same - good vibes, good music and a high risk of sunburn.

PROS : You get to squeeze in a festival and a holiday at the same time! 
CONS :This one definitely takes a little bit more planning than your usual British festival with flights and hotels being involved.



This one is a bit different since South by Southwest isn't only a music festival. It's a real celebration of talent - whether it is technical innovation, music, cinema or even comedy. For two weeks, you'll find many different conferences, showcases, gigs and even film screenings happening all over town, some of which don't even require an official SXSW pass to get in. Considering I've always wanted to go to Austin, I think I might have to check this one out at some point in the near future.

PROS : You don't actually need a badge to the actual festival to get the full SXSW experience.
CONS : Unless you already live in the US, getting there isn't quite as easy as jumping in the car.

Are you going to any festival this year? Is there a particular festival you'd want to check out this summer?  

- Elodie x

PS - Don't forget to check out my newly updated festival tab on my shop page if you want some festival fashion inspiration. 

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