There's No Party Like an Arm Party

Elle Yeah Wanna Arm Party Candy Shashi Spotlight Coup de Coeur Bracelet Jewellery Jewelry Chloe Dupe Fashion Pinterest Girl Blog Beauty LifestyleOr an ear party for that matter. But then again, I might be a little biased. If Gabrielle Chanel's sartorial moto was to always take at least one thing off when leaving the house, I tend to do the complete opposite and grab at least a couple more pieces to add to my outfit before I head out the door. 

And often, those pieces come from Shashi, the New York-based but globally-inspired brand I talked to you about in this post. Since then, I have added a fair few pieces to my collection - both thanks to the lovely people at Shashi who kindly gifted me the pieces below, but also thanks to the latest Shopbop sales.  What can I say, I cannot resist mix and matching their earrings, stacking their bracelets high on my wrists and creating the perfect stack with their rings. It's definitely what us French would call, un coup de coeur. 

Want to see for yourself? Click here (at your own risks. Ha!)

Elle Yeah Wanna Arm Party Candy Shashi Spotlight Coup de Coeur Bracelet Jewellery Jewelry Chloe Dupe Fashion Pinterest Girl Blog Beauty Lifestyle Palm Leaves Leaf 3

Do you love jewellery as much as I do? Or know of any brands I should check out? Please, I want to know where you buy yours!

- Elodie x


All About Hair

Hair - Whether it is the shiny locks on top of our head, or the much less glamorous body hair most of us spent hours trying to get rid of, we all have it but do you know these six handy hacks? 

Ever had a good hair day that you were not quite ready to let go of yet? Well, you don't have to. Just sleep with your hair loosely clipped at the top of your head to make your blow dry last a couple of extra days. You could also tie a silk scarf around your hair to keep the frizz and flyaways at bay. You're welcome.

I get it. Shaving can seem so easy and convenient. That is, until you realise you have to do it all over again the next day. It's a never ending cycle. I personally rarely shave and would much rather use an epilator instead. In fact, this is what I've been doing for over twelve years now and I wouldn't go back. Still, if you are worried about the pain, try shaving 4 to 5 days before you plan on epilating. It makes the whole process much easier and a lot less painful. Alternatively, you could also look into the new IPL technology, which is more or less permanent and again, a lot more pleasant than its more tradition counterpart. Either way, it's still a lot easier than what people used to do to get rid of body hairs so let's all be grateful for that.

Full, curled lashed can really help open up your eyes and take even the simplest makeup look to the next level, but if you don't want to fiddle with lash extensions or falsies everyday, it's well worth investing in a good eyelash serum. I'm a big fan of LiLash myself and can't imagine ever going back to my short, stumpy lashes. In fact, I love it so much, I'm officially one of their LiLoves! Dont forget to read my full review here.

As tempting as putting smoothing serums on those pesky flyaways can be, it is also the best way to assure your hair will look greasy and well, flat, for the rest of the day. A little tip I got from a hair stylist on a shoot is to use a large powder brush with a little bit of hairspray on it and just brush the hair back into place. Who would have thought? Just make sure you don't use your all-time favourite brush and you (and your flyaways) are set.

Instead, use a little bit of hairspray on a spoolie, brush through your brows and voilĂ ! Those unruly eyebrow hairs will not budge and the best thing is, you probably have all of these things in your bathroom already. Don't have a spoolie brush? An old toothbrush will work just as well.

A ponytail can be a cute and easy way to keep your hair out of your face and highlight some of your outfit details (hello, off the shoulder top and chocker necklace,) but it can just as well scream "CBA" if you're not careful. A fun and easy little trick is to give your ponytail some body and volume is to do it in two sections. First, take the top layer of your hair and tie it wherever you want your ponytail to be. At this point, it should look a little bit like the half-do you wore when you were 9. Then, just tie the rest of your hair up like you normally would, making sure to conceal the first ponytail in the process. The result? A full, bouncy ponytail that stays put all day.

What are your favourite hair hacks? Is there anything you think I should know? 

- Elodie 

This is a collaborative post.

PS - For the sake of full disclosure, I would also like to say that no, I definitely did not wake up like this. It took a lot of YSL's Touche Eclat to make me look this glowy and awake. Ha!