What's In My Festival Makeup Bag

Anyone who knows me or follows me on Twitter knows that I'm off to Glastonbury in a few days! Yes, I am that annoying person who can't stop blabbing on about it - sorry peeps! 

Since I am pretty much all packed, I thought I'd share with you what makeup I am taking with me. Nothing fancy here - to me, festival makeup should be cheap, easy-to-wear and most importantly, quick to apply, because no one wants to spend 10 minutes blending their eyeshadow when there are so many fun things to do around!

So without further ado, here is what's in my festival makeup bag :

I don't normally wear foundation during the day, so leaving this out of my festival makeup bag was a no-brainer. Instead, I'm taking my favourite multi-purpose concealer, which can be used on blemishes, redness, as well as under the eye. I've also thrown the Sleek contour kit in there, which is a product I swear by at festivals since it is so versatile. The darker shade adds definition and warmth to the face, while the highlighter can easily double as an eyeshadow - the perfect space saviour! 

For the Eyes

This eyebrow pencil by Soap & Glory is the ultimate tool to achieve natural, feathery brows, which is exactly what I need after going a bit tweezer-happy on my left brow, last week - oops!  Mascara is probably the one thing which makes me look somewhat awake after only 3 hours of sleep, but I've also thrown my favourite high street cream shadow in there, just in case I need a little bit more help, in the morning.

For the Lips 
My lips always get so dry at festivals. It's most likely due to the weather, the drinking and the fact that I often forget to pack a good lip balm. But not this time, because this Caudalie lip conditioner is coming with me!

For Fun
Because nothing screams festival fun quite like covering your face in glitter and novelty eyeliner, am I right? 

Have you ever been to a festival? What makeup, if any, do you usually wear?

- Elodie x


Currently Obsessed With... Metallic Tattoos

There is something about being back home that makes me want to live in a denim shorts, wear cowry shell everything and cover myself in metallic tattoos. Yes, you know those Pinterest-worthy gold and silver temporary tatts that instantly make you feel like you're on a beach, somewhere in Australia? Yes, those.

The lovely people at Kitsch were kind enough to send me a couple of their sets to try - I went for the Geo Metallic set 1 and 3, which I thought would be the best ones to wrap around my wrists and use as fun, metallic accents on my fingers for festival season. 

Before I knew it, I was all tatted up! I'm very impressed with how easy these were to put on and how great they look on the skin. I didn't quite expect them to be so metallic and last so long either! Just avoid oil-based products and these could last you for up to a week! I kept mine for four days but they still looked as good as new! They really do make for the perfect summery touch to an outfit - I'm obsessed! 

Have you every tried metallic tattoos?

- Elodie x

PS - Let's all try and look past my TERRIBLE nail painting job, shall we? Ha!