Summer Wishlyst

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With the Festival de Cannes well underway and my first few trips to the beach behind me, it is finally acceptable for me to start thinking about my (dream) summer wardrobe. On my wish list this season? White basics, nude and rose gold hues and unsurprisingly, bright pops of colour in the form of jungle green and yellow. 

One of my favourite websites when I feel like doing some online (window) shopping, is Lyst.co.uk, an amazing and unsurprisingly addictive website where you can follow your favourite brands, stores and designers - a real fashionista's dream! All of my chosen pieces are now saved in my summer wish lyst, ready for pay day - or for when I eventually win the lottery. Either / or, really. Obviously some of the above will never actually make it to my wardrobe, but a girl can dream, right?

Let me warn you though, being able to pop everything you're lysting after (see what I did here? Ha!) in one place is pretty dangerous for your bank account. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING - from H&M bikinis to Mulberry bags and Karen Walker sunnies. It is seriously addictive, but it's also the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday morning... I am obsessed!

Have you ever used lyst.co.uk? What's on your summer wishlist and what are your favourite websites to window shop? 

- Elodie x


Currently Obsessed With... Geometric Manicures + How To

I've never really been a fan of nail art... Until now, that is. As a matter of fact, I've been obsessed with geometric manicures - especially if they involve glitter! And because PinterestFails.com and the likes didn't teach me anything, I spent the past few weeks trying to (more or less successfully) recreate the look. I think I finally got it right, so I thought I'd share a little step-by-step tutorial with you. Believe me, it is so easy, anyone can do it.

Here is how to:

1/ We need a clean base to start so get to work and shape those nails, push those cuticles back and apply your favourite base coat. I'm using Sally Hansen's Miracle Nail Thickener.

2/ Follow up with your base colour. I chose 'New Flesh' from Deborah Lippmann's True Blood collection, but Bary M's 'Lychee' would also work a treat. Do a couple of coats if needed and let it dry thoroughly. I couldn't stress how important this is! 

3/ Once the base colour is really dry, use tape to mask the area you don't want to cover with the new colour. I went for a few different designs, but you can do pretty much whatever you want. Just make sure to really press down the tape, so there is no gap or air bubble.

4/ Apply your next colour on the exposed areas of the nail. I actually went for two different finishes : Essie 'Penny Talk' , a metallic rose gold and Essie 'A Cut Above', a matching chunky glitter. Wait a few minutes after applying the last coat of nail polish and gently peel the tape off. This should give you a clean edge, although be warned that glitter polish makes it harder to get a precise line.

5/ Once again, let it dry completely before applying your top coat of choice - that's Seche Vite for me -, and voilĂ ! You have an easy, Pinterest-worthy geometric manicure. 

Do you think you'll give this a go? If you do, share your graphic manicure with me on Twitter or Instagram, at @elleyeah! 

- Elodie x