• Hi, I'm Elodie, but you can call me Elle. Nice to meet you.

    Oh yes, that'd be a bit of an accent you hear. See, I grew up in the South of France, where I spent the first 20 years of my life juggling school, friends, hitting the beach and trying to keep my ever-growing magazine collection under control. I eventually packed up my (many, many) bags and moved across the Channel to finish up by BA, before making my way to London to intern at every single fashion magazine I could find, mingle with the fashion crowd and eventually get onto my dream course at Central Saint Martins. Now I have officially mastered fashion - or so it says on my degree -, I work as a freelance journalist and have worked for publications such as Harper's Bazaar, Stylist and InStyle and split my time between London, the French Riviera and Seoul, South Korea.

    And apart from all this? Well, I am just your typical 28 year old. I do probably love jewellery a little too much, have a slightly unhealthy obsession with sunglasses and own way too many lipsticks and nail polishes but hey, who's counting? I'm not.