Since moving here, I finally discovered how nice and cozy knitwear actually is and have been on the hunt for the perfect woolen pieces to help me brave the snowy weather. Here are some of my favourites that have been sitting in my inspiration folder : 


(D&G AW'10)

(D&G AW'10)

(Alexander McQueen AW'06-07)

(Micheal Khors AW'08)

(Stella McCartney on Gossip Girl)

(Alessandro Dell'Acqua AW'09)

Also, this is probably going to be my last post before I go on holiday. I'm off to London on Saturday to spend some time at my sister's, then I'm going to Paris for Christmas, and finally to my friend's place for New Year's Eve, so let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year now! Have a great time while I am away, and don't worry about this third mince pie, it is Christmas after all.

- Elodie x


Christmas Gift Guide 2010

It is that time of the year again, and although you would much prefer staying at home by such weather, Christmas shopping has to be done. It can get even worse if you don't know what to get, so here is a little help.

Books are always a safe bet, especially if you stick to classics. This year, Penguin came out with these gorgeous F. Scott Fitzgerald editions designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, the woman behind the hardback classics which would also make very nice gifts.  

Bits and bobs for the house always do the trick, so definitely stop by Graham and Green.

Christmas also means that the New Year is coming up, so what would make a better gift than a new planner? These Mulberry ones are lovely, but also have a look at Filofax. Their planners are the perfect way to organise yourself, and only cost a fraction of the Mulberry price.

Another good idea is to check the make up counters and their holiday collections. You could find some amazing limited edition products like this Complexion Highlighter palette from Yves Saint Laurent, or this cute little MAC pouch which comes with a lipstick and a lipgloss. If you still can't find what you are looking for, check Chanel's permanent line, they might have the famous 505, Particulière nail polish.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend after all, so if you are willing to splash out this Christmas, think about jewellery. Tiffany & Co is doing some very nice and timeless pieces. If you're still unsure, just know that I have barely taken off my Tiffany necklaces since I got them. The little silver initial is just so cute!

These Diptyque candles will not only decorate the house nicely, but they will also smell lovely!

Or you could just bake something yummy! Gingerbread is the way to go during the festive period. The best recipe has to be the Hummingbird Bakery one. Trust me, I've done my research!

- Elodie x


Get Yourself in the Christmas Spirit

Here is an article I wrote for the students newspaper. Keeping in mind that a lot of you do not attend the same university, I know that some things won't make sense to you but I thought I would share it anyway. You can always adapt it to your own city to make Christmas time at uni just as fun!
1. Go Have a Look at the Christmas Lights
If you’re anything like me, Christmas is your favourite holiday and as soon as Halloween is over, you start to feel like mulled wine and mince pies. Some people might think it’s a bit early, but once the Christmas lights are up you don’t have to feel bad about it, you can officially start celebrating! If you missed the Christmas Lights celebration in Exeter don’t worry, you can still enjoy the Christmas decorations throughout the whole of December. A little tip? Walk down to Gandy Street on a Wednesday. Not only are the decorations amazing, but you can also stop by Coolings and get some half priced cocktails to end the night.

2. “The Red Cups Are Here!”
Another thing to look forward to are the Christmas specials, available in many coffee shops. So why not take a break from the Christmas shopping and treat yourself to one of these delicious beverages? Costa and Starbucks both offer a nice range of Christmas drinks, so whether you fancy an eggnog or a gingerbread latte, there is something for you! And since Christmas is only happening once a year, you can even go for cream on top, no one will judge you for doing so.

3. Make a Festive Playlist
Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit more than a good Christmas playlist! With applications like Spotify, there is now no excuse not to blast those Christmas songs all over the house! Some all-time favourites include Wham’s “Last Christmas”, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”, Judy Garland’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, or any songs from Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Album. If you need some more help to create the perfect Christmas playlist, check the ones available on Spotify. You might find just what you need!

4. Get an Advent Calendar
Even though the grown-up in me likes a good glass of mulled cider, it still doesn’t beat the excitement of opening your advent calendar window and find a little chocolate treat in there. I know for fact that I am not the only one, since everyone in my flat has got one waiting for them on the kitchen window shelf. So to make the wait until Christmas more enjoyable, go and get yourself an advent calendar. Just remember next time you come home from a big night out that these are not meant to be your drunk snacks. That’s what cheesy chips are for!

5. Christmas Shopping
Don’t forget that Christmas is a time to give, so don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute.  Also, make sure you buy all the essentials such as wrapping paper, ribbon, tags and cards. Despite what you think, they do make a difference!

6. Watch Christmas Movies
Why not spend this boring Sunday afternoon snuggled in a blanket with your Christmas jumper on, watching good old childhood classics like “The Muppet Christmas Carol”, “Miracle on 34th Street” or “Oliver!”? Of course, this wouldn't complete without a cup of hot chocolate.

7. Decorate!
Decorating for Christmas is always fun. The best part is, it’s quite easy to decorate on a student budget. Poundland is your best friend. With its £1 Christmas trees, ornaments and fairy lights, you can easily turn your living room into a festive place where you and your friends can get yourself into the Christmas spirit!

8. Organise a Secret Santa
Being a student, you probably live on a budget and so do your friends! Secret Santa is the perfect thing for you then. Gather your friends, set a maximum price and let the fun begin! Not only will this work out well with your finances, but it is also a lot of fun.

9. Organise a Christmas Celebration Day with your Friends
Who doesn’t love a good Christmas dinner, especially when it’s shared with people you love? That’s why a Christmas dinner with your friends is always a good idea. If you’re making it at home, just make sure everyone is assigned a task to make things easier. Why not even bake little gingerbread men and decorate them or go ice skating together? All this is part of the Christmas fun, so make sure you don’t miss it.

10. Go on a Christmas Night Out
Although we’re talking about Christmas, we are still students and everybody knows we do love a good old night out on the town, so why not make it a Christmas Night Out? The biggest one is sure to be taking place at Arena on the 13th of December. Whether you buy your ticket off of your halls’ rep or online, make sure you have one, this is not something you want to miss! If clubbing is really not your scene, consider going to The Old Firehouse for a few glasses of mulled wine and mulled cider.

- Elodie x