Versace for H&M

It is the moment everyone has been waiting for... H&M finally announced their next designer collaboration, and it is none other than Italian brand Versace. According to Donatella Versace, "The collection will be quintessential Versace, perfect for H&M and Versace fans everywhere.", and although I can't help but remembering how reluctant she was to colaborate with the Swedesh brand back in 2008, I also cannot wait to see the full collection and eventually get my hands on some of the pieces.

The collection which includes womenwear, menwear and accessories will be available in on the 17th of November in Europe and on the 19th in over 300 H&M across the world and online.

- Elodie x


How To Survive Festivals In Style

It is that time of the year again, festival season. On my list this year? We, The PeopleBeach Break Live and Les Voix du Gaou. You've got your camping equipment sorted, you stocked up on dry shampoo and baby wipes, but what are you bringing in your rucksack? So whether you are going to Reading, V, Oxygen or the almighty Glastonbury, here is a few tips on how to survive this summer tradition in style.

Think about outfits that don't require any effort when you wake up after a bad night's sleep or a heavy day of dancing to your favourite bands. Playsuits and dresses are perfect for this. Shorts and tops are also a good option since you can mix and match them and make more than one use out of them. 

Be wise when picking which shoes to bring. It goes without saying, but heels do not belong in festivals, never. Not only would they be impractical, they would also make you look like a fool. Depending on where the festival is taking place, you might want to consider bringing wellies or sandals, although I wouldn't recommend wearing them for the actual performances. Instead, favour closed shoes like brogues, Converses, Ked's, or these really cute Liberty of London for Bensimon trainers. Remember comfort is key when it comes to festival fashion.

Layer Up
It might be sunny during the day, but it is less than likely that your little dress is going to keep you warm once the sun goes down, so make sure to bring things you can easily layer : cardigans, hoodies, tights, scarves, etc.

We all know that accessories can easily take an outfit to another level, even when it comes to festival fashion. Hats and sunglasses are a must have, but if you were thinking about bringing your dad's vintage Ray-Bans, you might want to think about it twice. Instead, bring a few pairs of fun, cheap sunglasses as they are most likely to get lost. Don't forget to bring a watch too. It would be unfortunate to miss your favourite act because your phone's battery died, don't you think?

Make Up
You wouldn't want to miss out on the festival fun, just because your fake eyelashes need a little touch up, would you? That's exactly what I am talking about. Keep your makeup as minimal as possible. All you need is a little concealer, maybe a tiny bit of bronzer, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm and you are good to go! If you really can't survive only on these, why not try to squeeze in an all-in-one product? Even better, why don't you grab it for free? With this month's Galmour you can get your hands on baby sized versions of Benefit's BeneTint, PosieTint or even High Beam. 

And last, but not least...
... Have fun! Don't forget the little things that make camping with your friends even more fun : glitters, costumes, giant sunnies, glowsticks, etc. You would be amazed to see what people sometimes bring to festivals. For instance, my friend Ed always brings his giant Pikachu onesie, which never fails to make everyone's night. 

Are you going to any festivals this summer? If you happen to go to Beach Break Live, look out for a giant Pokemon, I shouldn't be too far. 
- Elodie x