London Fashion Week Day 3 - What I Wore

Top and blazer, H&M. Leather shorts, River Island. Shoes, Zara.
Chain necklace, Forever 21. Watch, Michael Kors. 
Wrap Bracelet, Turner & Leigh on Etsy. Bag, Mulberry.
Nails, Chanel Rouge Noir. Lips, Estee Lauder Crystal Baby
"Mulberry loves LFW" tote c/o the British Fashion Council

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- Elodie x 

London Fashion Week Diary : Day 3

8:00 am -  My alarm goes off, which can only mean one thing... Time for another day at London Fashion Week!

8:10 am - I read my emails and check Facebook and Twitter over a mocha. 

8:30 am - Another day, another outfit... Check it out here.

9:15 am - Off to meet Shirley in Bond Street!

10:10 am - We head off to Claridge's, where the Mulberry show is taking place. Neither of us has a ticket, but being the Mulberry girl that I am, I can't possibly miss it.

10:12 am - The place is packed with photographers, fashion lovers and celebrities waiting to come out of their cars. As for me? Well, I am hoping to catch a glimpse of the very much hyped Del Rey... Not the singer - the bag.

10:30 am - People start making their way out of the hotel. Some are holding Mulberry lock-shaped balloons, others are munching on bacon sandwiches and sipping bloody marys out of Mulberry-stamped bottles. Just your typical Sunday brunch at LFW!

10:32 am - Olivia Palermo comes out and strikes a pose for the photographers. She is wearing the infamous Manolo Blahnik "Something Blue" satin pumps. Yes, the Sex and the City ones!

10:37 am - Shirley points out that Olivia is now standing a few yards from us. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that Olivia is one of my all-time favourite style icons. In fact, she was the first celebrity I ever wrote about in my Style Crush series, which you can read here, if you haven't already checked it out.

10:40 am - Despite the fact that she is undeniably busy and that her car has just pulled over, she takes a few minutes to talk to us and take a quick snap. 

10: 45 am - Starbucks time! It'll be a tall soy latte for me, please - I sure can do with the energy boost.

11:00 am - Hmm, what to do on Oxford Street... Some shopping, of course! 

12:50 am - After going a little crazy in Selfridges, we decide to head to Somerset House to take some street style and action shots.

1:30 pm - I spot this girl wearing a gorgeous Ted Baker belt and Chanel 2.55 bag. Turns out, her name is Andrea and she has been following my blog for a few months now. How cool is that?
2:20 pm - Shirley and I stop at Prêt-à-Manger for a quick bite to eat, before hopping on a bus to the Topshop venue. It is one of those old-school open buses, that let you jump on and off. I have to admit, I am ridiculously excited. What else did you expect from a French girl, after all? 

2:40 pm - One of my favourite bloggers and photographers, Kris of Krisatomic, asks if she can take my photo for her street style feature. Needless to say, I am over the moon! You can see the shot here.

2:55 pm - It wouldn't be a Topshop Unique show without Alexa Chung on the front row...

3.00 pm - ... Or Olivia Palermo, who has now changed into a pair of Mulberry leopard-print pumps, floral trousers, a black blazer and a yellow top. I like to think my outfit inspired her!  

3.30 pm - The show over, people start leaving the venue, carrying cool complimentary Topshop "Who Are You?" canvas totes. 

4.00 pm - We get chatting to Shini, Carrie and Sandra about the show. I have been following their blogs for years, so it's great to finally meet them.

4.40 pm - We head back to Somerset House, where we hang out in the press lounge for a while.

5.30 pm - Time to call it a day. There is a Lush bath and a copy of Harper's Bazaar waiting for me at home...

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- Elodie x


London Fashion Week Diary : Day 2

.10:30 am - I only just wake up. A girl needs her beauty sleep after all...

11:10 am - Time to figure out what to wear today. I settle for a pair of burgundy skinny jeans, a white button up shirt with a contrasting black collar and my Lanvin for H&M blazer that I pair with my Turner and Leigh wrap bracelet and my Mulberry Tillie bracelet in rose gold.  On my nails, I am wearing Chanel Rouge Noir and on my lips, MAC Patisserie. Voilà.

12:00 am - Alexa in hand, I jump on the tube to Holborn, ready for another day at LFW.

1:00 pm - Shortly after arriving at Somerset House, I decide to give Shirley a call and see where she is. While I am waiting for her to come back from lunch, I spot this girl wearing paper eye lashes, red lips and a matching bowler hat. This is fashion week for you all! 

1:15 pm -  I meet Shirley in the courtyard. We don't have any shows to attend until later that day so we decide to sit down for a latte in the press lounge as the rain falls down on London town.

3:00 pm - We make our way to the Portico Rooms for the Christopher Raeburn presentation, appropriately named "Freeze". The room is freezing indeed, but the clothes are hot.

4:00 pm - We meet up with Suzi and Jai'me for some more LFW fun.

4:20 pm - We are hanging out in the BFC lounge when Shirley suddenly says "I need a picture of this!". Next thing I know, I am taking a picture of her with Harry from One Direction. Don't they look cute together? 

4:40 pm - It is still pouring rain outside so we decide to head back to the Press lounge where editors are typing away while we just sit there, laughing and enjoying yet another Vitamin Water. 

6:30 pm - Time to start queueing for Issa!

6:59 pm - I'm at the door and can't seem to find my invite. Oh, oh...

7:01 pm - FOUND IT!

7:02 pm - Crap! The doors to the catwalk have just closed, so I end up watching the show live from the Canon theatre. What ever happened to the "fashionably late"rule?!

7:20 pm - The show was wonderful, but it is now time for me to go home. Last night's antics have left me exhausted and I need to make sure I get enough sleep to make the most of my third day at London Fashion Week.

Have you enjoyed my LFW Diary so far? If so, stay tuned for Day 3, 4 and 5. 
- Elodie x


From the Front Row : PPQ A/W12

Appropriately titled Black Out, PPQ's latest collection was dedicated to "the apocalyptic romance of winter". Now if you are unsure of what this means, simply imagine the end of the world as a very stylish, smashing night out.

The show started with a bang as the first model made her way down the catwalk pushing one of the now infamous PPQ Rule Supreme Style Bikes - it was unusual, playful and grabbed my attention straight away. Models were far from being in cycling attire, wearing flawy dresses, midi skirts, belted coats, but also PVC hot pants and embellished tights instead. It was definitely a more grown up show from what PPQ had got us used to in the past few years with Veronica Lake hairdos, peplum waists, longer hems, cinched in waists on jackets and dramatic fur collars, greatly inspired by 1950s Hollywood glamour.

If green was slowly introduced throughout the show, colour was far from being the focus of this collection. Instead it was all about animal print, textures and materials. PVC was paired with soft chiffon, tweed and fur for an edgy, yet fun look, perfect to embrace the end of the world in style. It's 2012 after all.

What did you think of the show? I personally loved it!
-Elodie x


London Fashion Week Diary : Day 1

I cannot believe I am only getting around to posting this, but here is what I got up to on my first ever day at London Fashion Week :

7.00 am - I wake up and check my emails with a hot cup of coffee. 

7.20 am - Time to get ready. After much deliberation, I opt for a nude lace dress from H&M, a Henleys leather jacket, Zara studded ankle boots and spice up the outfit with a House of Harlow necklace, my Michael Kors watch, a Turner & Leigh wrap bracelet and a vintage snake ring. As for makeup, I am rocking MAC Morange lipstick and Illamasqua's Whack nail polish for a pop of colour.

9.00 am - I arrive to the office. We document what the team is wearing and start uploading the London Fashion Week content onto the website

11.30 am - After working on it all morning, the Oscar Dapper Chap gallery is ready to go live which means I can now head off to Somerset House!

12.00 am - It's my first time at LFW and I have to admit, I am slightly overwhelmed by the amount of street style photographers and people just waiting to have their picture taken. 

12.15 am - I collect my pass from the BFC lounge and head off to my first show of the day : Bora Aksu. I eventually spot Michelle in the queue and it isn't long before Hannah, Ashley and Rebecca join us.

1.30 pm - I can't stop thinking about the rose gold metallic collars as seen on the catwalk earlier. 

1.50 pm - I rush to the Savoy for Maria Grachvogel and spot these amazing Jeffrey Campbell on the way. Thankfully the show is running fashionably late and I make it just in time.

2.30 pm - The whole collection is very elegant and yet, wearable. I love it!

3.00 pm - Diet Coke in hand, I head back to Somerset House where street photographers are going crazy for this man and his studded outfit.
3.30 pm - I remember that I have a invitation for Orla Kiely's presentation, which I decide to go to. The Portico Rooms have been transformed into a 1940s ballroom for a very special afternoon tea dance. Michelle, Hannah, Ashley, Rebecca and I enjoy some cake and champagne as we watch the models dance and twirl to the live band. 

4.45 pm - I meet Polly outside. I give her her invitation and we make our way to the Courtyard Show Space for PPQ. 5.00 pm - We take our front row seats. On the other side of the catwalk, Pixie Lott, Caroline Flack, Lydia Bright and Peaches Geldof are getting snapped by the Paparazzi.  5.10 pm - The music starts as the first model struts down the catwalk... With a bike! 

5.40 pm - Animal print, PVC, chiffon and fur : it is all about textures at PPQ. To read more about the show, click here.

5.50 pm - After checking with Rachel, I realise I won't be able to make it to Basso & Brooke. It's in St Paul's and starts in 10 minutes. Oops!

6.30 pm - Polly and I are starving, so we head over to Pizza Express for a well-deserved meal. 

7.30 pm - We have been here for an hour and still haven't decided what to order. We have been way too busy talking about the show and having a peek into our goodie bags! 

7.50 pm - We catch up over a delicious Giardiniera pizza.

9.15 pm - Time for a quick makeup touch-up and we are on our way to Dstrkt for the PPQ after party.  

9.40 pm -  Let the fun begin! 

Photo courtesy of Aizak Buyondo 

11.30 pm - G and T in hand, Polly and I are partying the night away. And by the look of it, so are Pixie Lott, Jodie Harsh, Joy Vieli, PPQ designers Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker to name just a few.

2.30 am - I eventually call it a night. Bring it on, day 2!

Did any of you go to LFW this season?  I want to know all about your experience.
- Elodie x